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AIDA Agency specializes in providing private party promo model services for KAMU bottle service guests of various occasions such as bachelor parties, guys' night out, birthdays, weekend getaways, and business events.

KAMU Las Vegas Strip Club AlternativeLocated at the Grand Canal Shoppes, KAMU Ultra Karaoke offers 40 private rooms and VIP suites ideal for intimate gatherings. From the moment you arrive until the event concludes, you can expect to be treated like a VIP.

Moreover, KAMU is the ONLY nightlife establishment licensed for in-room promotional models on the Las Vegas Strip.

Intimate Private Party Venue on the Las Vegas Strip
VIP Treatment from Start to Finish
The ONLY Licensed Nightlife Venue with In-Room Promo Models

AIDA Karaoke Mates by Interest

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Why KAMU Karaoke Mates by AIDA Agency?

AIDA Agency is the only modeling agency for KAMU Ultra Karaoke. We are proud to offer an exclusive Vegas bottle service package bundle that guarantees a fantastic experience!

Aida Agency: Las Vegas Models & Promo Models for KAMU Palazzo near Venetian on the Vegas Strip

Here is what sets KAMU apart from the rest!

Enjoy a safe and convenient way to host an unforgettable private party event that you and your group will remember forever!

ONLY Licensed Nightlife Venue with Private Room Karaoke Mates
Luxury KTV Lounge located at the Grand Canal Shoppes
KAMU is Highly-Rated in Yelp and Google for 5 Star Service
Uncover the Best KTV Experience in Las Vegas: KAMU Utra Karaoke Reviews

Important Disclaimer

  1. All Karaoke Mates model bookings will ONLY take effect at KAMU Ultra Karaoke Las Vegas venue.
  2. Karaoke Mates model services limited to KAMU bottle service guests, bottle service minimum will be required and billed directly by the venue.
  3. Model fees do not include charges for the karaoke room, food and drinks, KAMU staff will bill you directly.

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Choose 1 Bottle + 2 Entrees + 3 Hours)

Crown Royal Reserve, Jameson, Johnnie Walker Black, Tito’s, Ketel One, Justin

Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 2018

SUITE M ($500++), L ($550++), VIP ($600++


(Choose 1 Bottle + 2 Entrees + 3 Hours)

Hennessy VSOP, Belvedere, CIROC, Grey Goose, Patron Silver, Macallan 12 Year, Veuve, Lioco Pinot Noir Laguna Sonoma Coast 2018, Beau Joie

SUITE M ($550++), L ($600++), VIP ($650++)


(Choose 1 Bottle + 2 Entrees + 3 Hours)

Jamerson 18, Dom Perignon, Royal Salute, Glenlivet 18, Clase Azul Reposado, Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

SUITE M ($850++), L ($900++), VIP ($950++)


(Choose 1 Bottle + 2 Entrees + 3 Hours)

Don Julio 1942, Johnnie Walker Blue Label
SUITE M ($950++), L ($1000++), VIP ($1050++)


(Choose 1 Magnum Bottle + 2 Entrees + 3 Hours)

Grey Goose, Tito’s, Ketel One, Belvedere, Veuve

SUITE M ($900++), L ($950++), VIP ($1000++)


1942 (1.75L) + 2 Entrees + 3 Hours

SUITE M ($1800++), L ($1850++), VIP ($1900++)

Experience KAMU KTV at Grand Canal Shoppes

Experience the Ultimate Karaoke at Kamu Ultra: Las Vegas Strip - 3D Virtual Bar Tour

If you're looking for an unforgettable private party experience in Las Vegas, KAMU KTV has you covered! Located at the Grand Canal Shoppes, a prime spot on the famous Vegas Strip, this venue offers an intimate setting for your event. What sets KAMU apart is their unique nightlife experience and the fact that they are the only licensed provider of in-room promotional models on the Strip.

All 40 Rooms and VIP Suites are Uniquely Themed with Plenty of Floor Space for Dancing!

Medium Rooms

Medium Rooms Seat Up to 9 Guests

Large Rooms

Large Rooms Seat Up to 15 Guests

Medium Rooms

VIP Suites Seat Up to 40 Guests

Unique Nightlife Experience with VIP Treatment from Start to Finish

If you’re looking to book a Karaoke Mate for your event, you can do so exclusively at KAMU KTV, a premium party venue located at the Grand Canal Shoppes on the Vegas Strip.

What sets KAMU apart is that they are the only licensed in-room promo models available on the Strip. This unique nightlife experience is offered as an additional service for guests who choose bottle service.

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