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Exclusive Ambiance Modeling

At Aida Agency, we are delivering that service to you so you can look no further. Our professional business acumen, seasoned expertise of over 15 years in the industry, and concierge level of services will tailor the ultimate companion for your special event. We specialize in private, bachelor, corporate meetings, and special live entertainment events. Our ambiance models and talent are recognized for their positive attitudes, charismatic charm, physical beauty, and energetic personalities to lift your spirits. They specialize in being that ideal companion for an intelligent and charming conversation, your VIP host to the delightful culture of karaoke entertainment, and hosting a curated experience that is memorable and have you returning as our long-term client.

Licensed Ambiance Model and Talent Venue

Aida Agency ambiance model & talent can accompany the most cordial gentlemen in a professional meeting atmosphere to indulge in an exhilarating night of dancing, singing, and act as your guide to the karaoke live entertainment culture. KAMU Ultra Karaoke is the first licensed establishment to offer models and private room nightlife experience in Clark County.

Delight and reward yourself with the epitome of world-class star service, proper etiquette, and private luxury suites designed and tailored for hosting the most selective patron. We recognize our clients prefer more intimate surroundings with less disruption from crowded venues, loud music, and find enjoyment in a private setting to accompany their guests. You may also enjoy a multi-course fine dining cuisine by our chef over a dinner group date to an exquisite cocktail program of the finest spirits. Let us reward you as our VIP in a curated concierge engagement at KAMU Ultra Karaoke, the finest karaoke establishment in Las Vegas.

Create an experience your group will never forget with Aida agency ambiance models. Find sexy and sociable modeling talent to entertain at your next party!
Licensed nightlife establishment in Clark County legally permitted to offer promotional model entertainment in a private room setting

KAMU Ultra Karaoke is the first (and only) licensed nightlife establishment in Clark County legally permitted to offer promotional model entertainment in a private room setting.

Join our talented models at KAMU Venetian in Las Vegas. You will quickly learn why gentlemen's / gentlemen's club reviews make this a must do every trip.